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VA - Thirty Contemporary Pieces for Piano
[CH 87065]

Spis utworów:

After The Storm [Lennox, Kris]
Andras [Richter, Max]
Boysen Golden Times 1 [Lukas, Ben]
Cambridge, 1963 (from The Theory Of Everything) [Jóhannsson, Jóhann]
Carriage Without A Driver (From Dracula) [Glass, Philip]
Chat Noir [Hauschka]
Craco [Hauschka]
Darkest Hour [Marianelli, Dario]
Divergence [Cowley, Neil]
Dream In You [Nørager, Niels]
Etude No. 12 [Glass, Philip]
Eyes Closed And Traveling [Broderick, Peter]
Farewell Theme (From Between Strangers) [Preisner, Zbigniew]
Forgive Me (From Wolf Hall) [Wiseman, Debbie]
Hope For The Hopeful [Julyan, David]
Improvisation No. 2 [Watts, Sam]
May: Cumulonimbus (From Once Around The Sun) [Talbot, Joby]
Mirage No. 3 [Liu, Bowen]
Move [Muhly, Nico]
O’Halloran Opus 17 [O’Halloran, Dustin]
Opus 9 [O’Halloran, Dustin]
Outside, Alone [Gregson, Peter]
Rembrandt Self Portrait (From The Price Of Everything) [Beal, Jeff]
Stockholm [Parmenter, Melissa]
Taboo (Main Theme) [Richter, Max]
The Attachment [Price, Michael]
The Earth Prelude [Einaudi, Ludovico]
The Philosopher’S Hand [Riley, Terry]
The Snow Prelude No. 2 [Einaudi, Ludovico]
Zephyr [Cowley, Neil]

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