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VA - The Big Book Piano Songbook
[AM 1012836]

Spis treści:

Black key bounce
Cobbler, Cobbler
Rhythm time
See –saw
I’ve got my B D eye on you!
Rain, Rain
Bounce high
Misses White
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Louis Legato
Suzie Staccato
Time to rest
Jelly On A Plate
Away with A
Pizza song
Waltzing feet
Falling Leaves
Sunny Days
Drip, drop, drip
Hi lo chickalo (for right hand)
Hi lo chickalo (for left hand)
Mary had a little lamb (for left hand)
Grandad’s roller skates
Once a man fell down a well
Duet for two hands
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Rock and roll stroll
Bells in the Steeple
New World Symphony
Dodgem dash
Come and sing
Popcorn popping
Energy accents
Strong fingers
Trumpet Fanfare
Two’s company, three’s a triad
Jingle Bells
Moving on down
Further afield
Bass man’s travels
Snowy days
Ode To Joy
Steeple bells
Pumpkin pie
Blow The Man Down
Flat as a pancake
Mike’s new bike
The Animal Fair
Twinkle, twinkle moving star
Bow, wow, wow
Once a man fell down a well (different key)
Tick Tock
Bossa bounce
Intervals song
Interval fanfare
Moving On Up
Totem pole stomp
Buster, Buster
Uncle Bryan’s drums
Moscow march
Get down and dance in the street

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